Biden’s Commerce secretary says Dems would lose votes if TikTok banned

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Chinese-owned social media program called TikTok has been described by intelligence experts in a Forbes report as being a threat to U.S. national security.

It collects all sorts of data on anyone it can, and then, per Chinese law, must make it available to the Chinese Communist Party. Sen. Marco Rubio has called it “one of the most valuable surveillance tools on the planet.”

It’s banned on federal devices.

Further, it features all of the negative impacts that such addictive social media programs have.

It’s been documented as able to manipulate information, delivering propaganda.

It has different rules for different locations. For instance, inside China it doesn’t allow those nonbinary school groomers who are trying to reach American teens.

But now there’s one overwhelming reason that Democrats will not want to impose further limits, such as a ban, on the venture.

According to a report from Raheem J. Kassam, a British political activist, former editor-in-chief of Breitbart News London, and former chief adviser to former UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage, Biden’s Commerce secretary says if it’s banned, Democrats would lose “every voter under 35 forever.”

“Yes, she literally said it,” Kassam wrote in his Substack page.

President Trump had ordered work on a ban to start while he was in the Oval Office.

“Former Rhode Island governor turned Biden Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo gave a scarcely noticed interview to Bloomberg last week, where she cravenly admitted her reluctance to address the Chinese Communist Party’s most critical cultural stranglehold in America: TikTok,” Kassam explained.

The program, he said, is expected to have 100 million U.S. users by next year, and is owned by ByteDance, “which in turn is backed by the Chinese Communist Party proper.”

Raimondo said, “The politician in me thinks you’re gonna literally lose every voter under 35, forever… However much I hate TikTok—and I do, because I see the addiction in the bad s**t that it serves kids—you know, this is America.”

Kassam noted, “Using the phrase ‘This is America’ to avoid national security measures to limit the influence of a foreign and hostile global actor requires some chutzpah. But not as much as is required to tell us to our faces that the reason they won’t take action is because the zombie hordes of TikTok influencers would roundly condemn them for doing so.”

He turned sarcastic, “Perhaps Raimondo meant, ‘This is America… where national security is determined by the fancies of the kids we had to plead with not to eat Tide Pods a few years ago.'”

He pointed out Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said, “People were horrified by the Chinese spy balloon that flew through multiple states in our nation. However, that level of spying happens every day through TikTok, which is a clear national security risk that collects and manipulates content on behalf of the CCP. We know that TikTok has surveilled and spied on journalists, violating civil liberties. This is not just some harmless social media app, but a critical tool that gives Beijing power over the day-to-day lives of more than 100 million Americans. Now is the time to pass my ANTI-SOCIAL CCP Act and end this threat for good.”

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