Biden Scheme to Pay for Military Abortion Travel Faces Termination

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

One of Joe Biden’s main agenda points on which his legacy likely will be based in his total advocacy for abortion.

He’s sought numerous ways to try to promote the infant-destroying industry since the Supreme Court overturned the faulty Roe v. Wade precedent from 1973 and allowed states to regulate the procedures.

One of these schemes was a plan to have the federal government pay for members of the military to travel to states that still allow abortion when they wanted.

Now a plan in Congress would upend Biden’s strategy.

Fox News explains legislation has been proposed by “dozens” of Republicans in the U.S. House to prohibit the Department of Defense from paying for that abortion-related travel.

Fox reported, “After the U.S. Supreme Court decision reversing Roe v. Wade, the Pentagon said it would help service members in states with strict abortion limits travel to other states and would reimburse them for expenses.”

However, Reps. Ronny Jackson and Chip Roy, both Republicans from Texas, would ban that.

After all, Jackson explained that federal policy – for “decades” – already had forbidden those payments.

Jackson said, “The Department of Defense’s complete disregard for these longstanding pro-life provisions is unacceptable and must be stopped immediately. The DoD exists to protect our national security interests and to defend against our enemies, and it has no business using taxpayer dollars to contribute to the demise of the unborn.”

Roy warned against the Biden administration using the military as a “political pawn” for his “social agenda.”

Leftists in the military had suggested giving military service members both time and pay, plus travel expenses, to have abortions.

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