Biden reportedly wants to move 2024 headquarters to his Wilmington home

Let this not be the surprise of the decade: President Joe Biden reportedly wants his 2024 campaign headquarters to be based at his Wilmington, Delaware home. 

According to Breitbart, while Biden wants us to believe that he’s capable of actually running for a second term, he also wants to convince everyone that doing so would be easiest if he were at home, which certainly doesn’t strengthen his case.

Some staffers think the idea could work. Others, not so much. Some even want Biden to consider a campaign headquarters in Philadelphia.

Biden has hinted of his interest in running, if not outright confidence, but has yet to formally make the announced.

Not a great choice

Democrats have a lot of thinking to do before the 2024 campaign seasons jumps into full gear, as currently they have a low-polling, largely unpopular president that can’t seem to get anything done.

They also have an equally low-performing vice president who has not even a single accomplishment to her name.

Breitbart noted:

Additional polling shows Biden’s mental fitness is a concern among voters. According to a Friday poll, 57 percent doubted Biden’s mental fitness to serve, while 43 percent said he is mentally fit. Notably, 66 percent of independents had doubts. Thirty-four percent did not.

The outlet noted that some Democrats, behind the scenes of course because they’re too cowardly to go on record, believe that a Biden run in 2024 is detrimental to the future of the party, citing his obvious cognitive decline that has become nearly impossible for the left to ignore.

Focus groups keep coming up with the same results. One person familiar with the focus group sessions reportedly explained to CNN what several members of a focus group said of Biden.

“Many veer toward assuming he must be ineffective or being puppeteered: ‘brain dead,’ ‘mush’ – ‘dementia’ is a word that comes up all the time,” the unnamed person reportedly said.


Biden was widely criticized for how he ran his 2020 campaign, which mostly felt like it was from his basement. And that was before we knew the extent of his rapid cognitive and physical decline.

One can only imagine how any Republican candidate would use his possible Wilmington campaign headquarters against him.

It might be a hard sell to get the situation off the ground anyway, as one person familiar with the discussions said moving to Delaware “would make recruitment harder, with younger campaign aides not eager to spend a year in a sleepy, small town.”

Only time will tell if they actually make the decision, but if they do, they’d better prepare for the onslaught of justifiable criticism.

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