Biden miscounts his grandchildren: Watch

May 29, 2023
Robert Ayers

President Joe Biden just miscounted the number of granddaughters that he has. 

Unfortunately for Biden, the incident was captured on video.

Take a look:

How many?

The incident took place on Friday when the White House hosted the Louisiana State University women’s basketball team following their national championship. The event made news headlines for multiple reasons, including the sudden collapse of one of the players.

But, now, the event is making headlines for what Biden said during his speech.

The above video from Forbes captures part of Biden's speech. In it, Biden says:

Look, there's an awful lot — an awful lot to be proud of, and the way in which women's sports has come along is just incredible. And you're changing the — it's not just in sports. It's across the board, in every single thing, and it's really neat to see since I've got four granddaughters.

The truth of the matter is that Biden has five granddaughters.

So, the question is: did the 80-year-old Biden simply make another gaffe, miscounting his own family members, or was the miscount on purpose?

Here are the details:

Biden, of course, did not specify the four granddaughters that he is referring to. But, it is a pretty safe bet that Biden left out Navy.

Navy is the four-year-old daughter of Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts.

Fox News reports, "Roberts met Hunter while working as a stripper at a Washington, D.C. club while he was dating Hallie Biden – the widow of his late brother, Joseph R. "Beau" Biden III."

A court battle between Roberts and Hunter Biden continues to this day with Biden trying to get the child support payments lowered and trying to prevent the child from taking the Biden surname.

But, the bottom line is that Navy is Hunter Biden's daughter, and Hunter Biden is Joe Biden's son, which makes Navy Joe Biden's granddaughter. This is a truth that Joe Biden has repeatedly ignored, refusing to acknowledge Navy as his granddaughter on multiple occasions. Fox reports that the most recent incident occurred "during a Take Our Kids to Work Day event at the White House last month."

For this reason, it is safe to assume that Biden did not make another gaffe. The omission of the fifth granddaughter was on purpose.

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