Biden Administration orders ban on presidential betting markets

 May 22, 2024

Joe Biden and the rest of America's liberals have been going to pretty desperate measures to try to convince America that Donald Trump doesn't already have the November 2024 election locked up, and this is another sickening example.

According to Breitbart, "The Biden administration ordered a ban on 2024 election betting markets, which often show former President Donald Trump winning in November and President Joe Biden remaining his party’s nominee."

Many people prefer to look at betting markets as opposed to traditional polling methods when deciding how much support a particular candidate is currently enjoying, because the people who set the odds are not influenced by what the political parties want to be portrayed.

Betting markets are set based on facts and cold hard cash.

There is a LOT at stake for betting companies, as setting their lines wrong even a little bit could lead to disastrous losses for the books. As a result, the books are usually VERY up-to-date on their research, because not doing so would put them out of business pretty quickly.

That is NOT the case with political polls, which are often conducted by somebody who is looking to create stats that justify the truth they've already made up in their head. For example, media outlets told us that Donald Trump had no shot in 2016 because they wanted us to believe he had no shot.

Then, the man went out and won.

Some political polls out there may actually be trying to be accurate, but a large percentage of them out there are not done for any reason other than to push a particular agenda.

When liberals need to show that Joe Biden isn't doing as poorly as America thinks he is, they can pull up the poll numbers that favor them. Perhaps only a certain demographic was questioned, or the poll was only conducted in one location.

By showing that a certain candidate is winning or losing, the networks are often trying to convince you that the candidates require more or less support depending on what would most benefit the network.

Betting markets have to be honest

Betting markets can't simply use the statistics to tell whatever story they want. If they set a line wrong, they are going to pay for it when the public takes the action.

No book is willing to go bankrupt because they want it advertised that a particular candidate is in better shape than another. They are motivated by the dollar and the truth, and neither of those things lie.

Liberals do though, which is exactly why Joe Biden may want to completely ban presidential betting lines.

Many are speculating that Joe is wanting to shut down the books because they offer the public concrete proof that Trump is in a better spot than Biden right now.

Do you think Biden would be pushing for this ban if he were winning?

Let us know your opinion by leaving us a comment in the discussion section below!

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