Zuckerbucks team now running influence seminars for election officials

 March 16, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

During the 2020 presidential race, Mark Zuckerberg handed out, through organizations like the partisan-founded Center for Tech and Civic Life, some $400 million that essentially was used by many local election officials to recruit Joe Biden voters.

Never before in American elections had such a richly funded influence operation been conducted, and some states reacted by banning the injection of private money into those public election processes.

But a report compiled by The Federalist shows that CTCL still is trying to influence election results, only in a different way.

The report explains there's a series of webinars posted on CTCL's website that lecture election officials about working with leftist "fact-checking" special interest groups and putting a bull's-eye on "disfavored" speech.

"The series also instructed administrators on how to 'persuade' elected officials to align with their policy preferences and on 'cultivating relationships' with friendly journalists," The Federalist reported.

It was CTCL Training Associate Christian Franco who explained, in the report, "Policymaking has been deeply influenced by misinformation, and democratic norms are being threatened. As a result, the list of every election official’s responsibilities is growing."

The Zuckerbuck election influence operation is considered by many, along with the FBI's interference, to have turned the results in 2020 from President Trump to Joe Biden. The FBI's agenda included warning media companies to suppress accurate but damaging information being reported about Biden family scandals, and subsequent polling shows that likely gave Biden the victory.

During this 2024 election cycle, Democrats have created, often out of "evidence" never before considered for use in a criminal case, a long list of charges against Trump, and they are trying to obtain at least one conviction before the November vote, so they can label Trump as "convicted."

Polls show he actually is leading Biden in just about every state.

The Federalist reports that CTCL was founded by several people, Tiana Epps-Johnson, Whitney May, and Donny Bridges, all coming from "the New Organizing Institute."

The Washington Post says that’s "the Democratic Party’s Hogwarts for Digital Wizardry."

The report explains how CTCL developed a plan to get around state bans on private funds in elections by setting up a program to bring "together election officials, nonprofits, counties, cities, and states" to demand $20 billion in congressional funding for election offices.

A spokeswoman said she knows advocacy will be needed to "fill everyone’s budget gaps," but Biden already has been at the trough, issuing executive orders that every federal agency and department work to recruit voters, often tasking federal bureaucrats with working with leftist and Democrat organizations.

One of Franco's suggestions is to find "allied groups that can help you design outreach strategies, hire lobbyists, build partnerships, raise funds, [and] conduct trainings."

Recommended as "allied" groups are "left-wing groups like the Democracy Fund and Rock the Vote," the report said.

Josh Goldman, a manager at CTCL, said it is election "experts" whose voices must be considered.

Because others are offering "misinformation."

"That’s not good for you, your office, your voters, or our democracy," he said.

Kurt Sampsel, another manager for CTCL, suggested whose information should be valued.

"Trump’s statements on voting by mail, voter fraud, and whether or not he’ll accept the results of the election have had the effect of undermining confidence in our democratic processes on just a bigger scale than we’ve ever seen before," he said in the report.

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