Zuckerberg: Facebook will not censor Trump

The left hates how President Donald Trump has used social media to bypass the media’s liberal narratives and speak directly to the people. Indeed, there has recently been a growing chorus of voices on the left — led by two Democratic presidential contenders, no less — for Trump’s social media accounts to be suspended, effectively silencing his voice in an election year.

But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg just let it be known that such a drastic move is not going to happen on his watch, Fox News reports.

Censoring politicians

Zuckerberg’s comments regarding President Trump’s social media accounts, and the demands from some that they be suspended, came during an interview with Fox host Dana Perino, which aired Friday.

“My belief is that in a democracy, I don’t think that we want private companies censoring politicians in the news,” the Facebook founder and CEO told Perino.

The demands for Trump to be silenced online have come from both Sens. Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), both of whom are campaigning for the Democratic Party’s nomination to face off against Trump in 2020.

Harris, a mid-tier candidate struggling for attention, has criticized Trump’s use of Twitter to supposedly intimidate and insult his political opponents, while front-running candidate Warren has accused Facebook of allowing Trump to run campaign ads featuring alleged lies.

Finding the truth

But Zuckerberg says the Silicon Valley tech firms have no business taking such actions to censor or silence the president.

“I generally believe that as a principle, people should decide what is credible and what they want to believe, who they want to vote for,” Zuckerberg told Perino. “And I don’t think that should be something that we want tech companies or any kind of company doing.”

He added that Americans can and should “think for themselves” about what various politicians say.

“Political speech is one of the most scrutinized [forms of] speech that is out there, so that’s already happening,” Zuckerberg said. “Our position on this is not an outlier.”

Trump’s winning SMO game

The demands by Harris that Trump be silenced, as well as the demand by Warren that the content of his messages be censored, appear to be little more than sour grapes over the undeniable effectiveness of the president’s social media game.

Say what you will about Zuckerberg (and there is plenty that could be said) but at least in this instance, he is doing the right thing and standing strong in defense of free speech. It’s too bad the Democrats couldn’t follow suit.

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