Rep. Lee Zeldin says Pelosi ‘got rolled’ by the far left: ‘They forced her’ to impeach

Up until the contrived controversy over President Donald Trump’s July phone call with the Ukrainian president blew up in September, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had repeatedly expressed her adamant opposition to Trump’s impeachment, rightly noting it would be unnecessarily divisive for the country.

But in recent weeks, Pelosi has nonetheless allowed the highly partisan impeachment effort to proceed — and now, Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) has stated his belief that she only did so because she’d been “rolled by the far left” of the Democratic caucus and “forced” into it, Breitbart reported.

Dems in overthrow mode

Zeldin’s remarks came during a Sunday morning interview on New York’s 970 AM radio with host John Catsimatidis, who noted that alongside articles of impeachment against President Trump, Pelosi also appeared to give the president an economic win by allowing the U.S.–Mexico–Canada trade agreement (USMCA) to move forward for a vote.

The congressman pointed out that the USMCA should have voted on some time ago. It was the sort of bipartisan thing that dozens of House Democrats from districts Trump won in 2016 had been sent to Washington to achieve — they did not come to support a partisan impeachment effort, however, a move that Zeldin predicted would cost Democrats at least some seats in 2020.

“I think the speaker realized that if she’s going to be moving forward with these articles of impeachment, she’s [going to] try to blunt that impact, at least a little bit,” Zeldin said of Pelosi’s willingness to work with the GOP on things like USMCA.

“[I’ve got to] tell you, aside from this announcement to let USMCA pass, we’re seeing so much oxygen in Washington get totally sucked up by this desire to try to overthrow the president, so it’s frustrating,” Zeldin added.

“She got rolled”

The congressman went on to concede that Pelosi is “more politically savvy” than many others.

“I don’t think that she brought forth this impeachment because she woke up one day and decided that impeachment was the right thing to do,” he said. “I think that she got rolled by the far left of her conference and they forced her to take on this impeachment. I don’t think she wanted to be in this place.”

He went on: “There are wins here for the president that the speaker conceded on because she knows just how incredibly stupid this impeachment push is.”

A “toxic” environment

The congressman also took a dim view on how much work Congress would get done in 2020, due to election season and the generally “toxic” environment that creates in Washington.

He also noted, without getting specific, that some Democrats would defect from Pelosi in opposition to impeachment, while some others who vote for impeachment would be “sacrificed” by Pelosi and ultimately be voted out of office by their constituents next November.

Given Pelosi’s once-staunch opposition to impeachment amid ferocious support for it from part of her base, it is not at all far-fetched to believe (as Zeldin apparently does) that the speaker was “rolled” and “forced” into supporting the impeachment effort. How it all plays out for her and her Democrat House majority remains to be seen, however.

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