Young populist activist group president attacked in France while awaiting taxi

 April 21, 2024

It's not only in the United States where one can be physically assaulted for their political beliefs -- especially conservatives. 

According to Breitbart, a populist political activist in France was assaulted over the weekend in the latest evidence of conservative activists and politicians facing increasing threats of attacks from violent, radical leftists.

The young populist activist was reportedly assaulted by a group of leftists when they discovered who he was and what his beliefs were.

In true leftist fashion, they reportedly screamed "fascist" and "Nazi" at him during the unprovoked, violent attack.

Who is he?

The victim was 24-year-old Stanislas Rigault, president of the youth movement of Éric Zemmour’s Reconquête! (Reconquest) anti-mass migration party.

Rigault noted that he had to file a police report after the attack, which occurred while he was awaiting a taxi "in the 14th arrondissement of the French capital on Friday evening."

The victim described to a local newspaper what had happened, saying, "They started to push me, to tell us that we had nothing to do there."

He went on to provide details, including a female attacker who began to shove him during the attack. "I push her away and at that moment, she spits on me," Rigault recalled.

Police have still not been able to identify the group of attackers, though an investigation remains ongoing.

Not the first time

Attacks on populist activists and politicians is not a new concept for Europe. This was just the latest attack on that specific group.

Breitbart noted:

It is not the first time the populist party has faced political violence, with Reconquête! leader and former presidential candidate Éric Zemmour was injured in 2021 during a campaign rally which saw 39 Atifa radicals arrested, some of whom were armed with Molotov cocktails and “bottles of acid”.

Several others with the same political ideology across Europe, and several instances specifically in Germany, have been attacked by Antifa and similar violent leftist groups.

Sadly, these kinds of attacks will only continue to increase, as there isn't much in the way of consequences for the attackers when they're caught, or if they're ever caught.

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