Sarah Sanders to foul-mouthed congresswoman: ‘You will not impeach this president’

As expected, newcomers to the Democrat party are frothing at the mouth to impeach Trump.

After newcomer Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) used some foul-mouthed commentary about impeaching Trump, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders stated severely: “You will not impeach this president.”

The New Narrative

We are only a day away from Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) speech to Congress about working together to help the American people.

At the time of her comment, we called it bogus because Democrats have already revealed that their only agenda is to prevent President Donald Trump from succeeding in any way.

They will do that by any means necessary, including trying to tie down Trump with an impeachment process.

Proving us right, Democrat Congressman Brad Sherman re-introduced his articles of impeachment on Thursday.

If those articles of impeachment do not pass, it would honestly be very surprising.

Sanders Drops the Gauntlet

Tlaib, during her profanity-laced rant, did not talk about helping Americans. She only seems interested in impeaching Trump.

As her rant made its way around social media, Sanders was on “Fox & Friends” setting the record straight.

“You will not impeach this president when he had two of the most successful years any president had in modern history,” Sanders stated.

“The only reason they come after this president is because they know they can’t beat us, can’t beat him when it comes to policy debate. They have no solutions for America,” she added.

“People are sick and tired of playing politics. That is not what America is looking for,” Sanders continued. “That is not the goodness of our country. I hope some of these new faces that campaigned on being different and being a change will actually come here to work with the president, work for solutions, work to help the American people, not to help their own political careers.”

And she is right.

The biggest policy issue the Democrats have on their plate right now benefits undocumented immigrants.

That is where their party loyalties lie.

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They don’t care about Americans … they care about power.

Get ready to dig in, patriots, because we are in for one bumpy ride over the next two years.

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