Andrew Yang promises to pardon non-violent marijuana convictions if elected

How do you energize a presidential campaign that is on life support?

Well, if you are Andrew Yang, you promise a mass pardon of all non-violent marijuana offenders to try and lock up some extra votes.

The Marijuana Dilemma

Marijuana has become something of a pink elephant, so to speak, in this year’s election. Most Democrats are very much in favor of legalizing marijuana throughout the country.

Since it would then be legal, many of them also believe anyone currently in jail for a marijuana offense should have their sentence, at the very least, commuted.

Some Democrats have even suggested putting some of these individuals back to work in the marijuana industry, which they are currently prohibited from entering.

There are some Republicans in favor of legalizing marijuana. Few, if any, have suggested opening the prison doors and letting everyone out, as Yang is suggesting.

Buying Some Votes

What Yang is doing is pandering, plain and simple. In fact, this seems to be the Democrat plan of action for this election.

Need more African American votes? Offer reparations. Need more Hispanic votes? Let’s offer amnesty to every illegal immigrant in the country.

Need votes from families of convicted criminals? Let’s just set them free. Yang’s approach is in line with the Democrat narrative of only following the laws they deem important.

Whether you agree with it or not, these laws were in place at the time of their arrest and those laws were broken. After prohibition ended, was everyone arrested for violating the Volstead Act set free? Of course not!

Democrats offer hard-working Americans nothing.

However, if you are an illegal immigrant, a criminal, or too lazy to get off your sofa and work, then they are definitely the party for you!

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