Yale professor who taught Bill and Hillary Clinton dies at 91

Bill and Hillary will definitely be in mourning this week over the news that a former mentor just passed away.

Yale professor and author Charles Reich passed away after a brief hospital stay at the age of 91.

The Greening of America

The Clintons were both educated by Reich at Yale University, but that is not his only claim to fame.

Reich authored The Greening of America. The book is described as a blessing on the counterculture of the 1960s here in the United States.

When the book was first published, it was an immediate success, selling millions of copies.

In the process, it made Reich a very rich man.

Scorned by Both Sides

Oddly enough, the manifesto did not endear him to either the left or the right, and he ended up being scrutinized by liberals and conservatives alike.

One subject broached in the book today would surely not fit in with the modern liberal way. Reich believed mass protests and violence served no purpose whatsoever.

It is probably a safe bet, then, that this is not required reading for ANTIFA members.

You also have to take into consideration some of the events that were taking place at the time. For instance, the Black Power movement was in full swing, relying heavily on protests.

Critics on the right felt that Reich was simply saying things just to hear himself talk, rather than offering any real insight. However, Reich found true followers in much of the youth he was responsible for educating, such as the Clintons.

Reich’s book was re-released in an e-edition in 2012, giving a whole new generation of students insight into his ideology.

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