Yale professor denies charges she told Kavanaugh clerks to ‘look like models’

Yet another spurious allegation made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been debunked.

Amy Chua, a woman accused of cherry-picking clerks for Kavanaugh based on looks, has come forward to flat out deny she EVER said anything of the like. “All the claims are outrageous and 100% false,” she wrote.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

The Guardian, last week, published a scathing report using anonymous sources that ripped Judge Kavanagh.

In the report, the publication stated these anonymous sources told them Kavanaugh basically dismissed any clerking candidate that did not have a certain eye appeal.

Amy Chua, one of the more influential individuals at Yale and someone that has helped Kavanaugh secure clerks over the years, was allegedly his funnel for female clerks.

The report stated she told candidates they needed to look “like models” to even be considered.

Finally, Some Truth

Chua was initially unable to respond to the accusations made due to being hospitalized for three weeks and undergoing major surgery.

Rather than wait, the publication chose to move forward with the anonymous allegations.

After Chua saw the report, she immediately went on Twitter to counter the accusations made in The Guardian report…

Reading through the initial allegations, someone made a mention Kavanaugh liked a certain “look” to his clerks.

Chua herself said she advised clerking candidates on how to dress for an interview, meaning professionally, not casual.

That’s just good advice for someone that hopes to work in a professional environment.

The sad fact here is that leftists are reaching for any small thread they can find in the hopes of pulling Kavanaugh apart.

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So far, every allegation against Kavanaugh has been put down, yet Democrats still want to crucify this man.

Last week President Donald Trump said it was time to move forward with the vote on Kavanaugh … and he is absolutely right.

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