‘A victory for the citizens of Wyoming’: Governor signs bill requiring voters to show ID

Republican leaders across the nation have long supported measures requiring voters to present a valid form of identification prior to casting a ballot — and those efforts have only increased in the wake of various allegations of fraud and irregularities surrounding November’s presidential election.

Former President Donald Trump and others making the case for voter ID laws scored a victory on Tuesday when Republican Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon signed such a bill into law.

Details included in new law

The new state law will require voters to present valid ID at polling places effective in July, according to the Washington Examiner.

Republicans in the state and elsewhere heralded the move as one that would help ensure the integrity of future elections while Democrats largely condemned the requirement as a tactic to suppress voters, particularly among minority communities.

Reports confirmed that while state-issued identification cards were the preferred option, amendments to the bill were added prior to its passage that expanded the list of acceptable forms of ID.

Among the alternatives that will be accepted are tribal identification cards, U.S. passports, Medicare or Medicaid insurance cards, and student IDs.

Voters who fail to present any of the accepted forms will still be permitted to cast a provisional ballot and will be granted additional time to confirm their identity to ensure that their ballots are counted.

“This important milestone for Wyoming”

The measure passed overwhelmingly in the state House with a vote of 51-8, then sailed through the Senate by a vote of 28–2. It was then sent to the governor, who signed it into law just days later.

Prior to the bill being enacted, its primary sponsor cheered its success in the legislature.

“Today’s passage of my Voter ID legislation is a victory for the citizens of Wyoming,” GOP state Rep. Chuck Gray said in a statement, according to Oil City News. “It is a necessary function of our Republic to provide our citizens with confidence that our elections are secure, fair, and valid. I am proud that we were able to meet this important milestone for Wyoming.”

Despite the opposition of progressives, multiple polls indicate that voter ID laws are popular among a majority of Americans.

In March, a Rasmussen poll found that three in four Americans overall support such requirements — including 69% of Black voters. Similarly, an AP-NORC survey late last month found that 72% of American adults — including 91% of Republicans, 72% of independents, and 56% of Democrats — favor voter ID laws.

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