Wuhan faces new lockdown as coronavirus makes a comeback: Report

The situation in Wuhan, China in the wake of COVID-19 is deteriorating — and now, districts that were previously reopened in the wake of the coronavirus are going back under lockdown, Breitbart reports.

Several new cases of the coronavirus popped up in Wuhan, which is thought to have been the origin site of the deadly virus, over a short period of time last week, prompting an elevation of the coronavirus threat level in the Chinese region from low to medium, according to Breitbart. And as China has been making a show of Wuhan being free of coronavirus for the past few weeks, this certainly isn’t a good look for them.

Indeed, the resurgence has caused one official to be fired — and more are sure to follow.

The fight isn’t over

Wuhan enjoyed a 35-day period of no infections as social restrictions in the region lifted in early April. But as new reports indicate, Wuhan’s fight against the coronavirus is far from over.

According to Breitbart, the latest resurgence in cases landed some 180 people in isolation who may have been exposed to the disease.

In response, China isn’t just firing officials. Wuhan plans to test all of its 11 million residents over the next 10 days, according to Breitbart — a massive project to say the least.

Flattening the curve

Wuhan isn’t the only Chinese city experiencing an outbreak in coronavirus infections, however. Shulan, a city in the northeastern province of Jilin, also has experienced an outbreak of cases, as reports from Breitbart and CNBC note.

The small resurgence being seen around Asia raises problems for those wanting to lift restrictions put in place in America to fight the coronavirus.

Still, China may serve little use in predicting the outcome of lifting restrictions in the United States. Wuhan is, after all, a massive and densely populated city.

Meanwhile, the mission to flatten the curve in the United States has been largely achieved. Even in coronavirus hotspots like New York City, the infection rate has fallen dramatically, as the BBC notes.

But regardless of the worrying resurgence in China, America’s governors need to find a way to reopen their economies. Over 36 million Americans are now unemployed as a result of the economic crash caused by the coronavirus, according to The New York Times.

How much longer can we keep this up?

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