WSJ report shows Epstein 'never stopped abusing women'

 December 18, 2023

A new report from the Wall Street Journal shows that Jeffrey Epstein "never stopped abusing women" - not even after his 2008 conviction for soliciting and procuring a minor for prostitution.  

The report also shows how Epstein's rich and famous associates helped him to carry out the abuse.

The Journal reports, "The Journal’s investigation shows that Epstein’s sexual exploitation and abuse didn’t end
with his 2008 conviction—as many of his famous associates later said they believed—but continued until his second arrest in 2019."

The outlet - which interviewed victims and reviewed a "trove of documents," including "Epstein's daily calendars and . . . private emails" for its report - goes on to provide details.

Epstein's modus operandi

According to the Journal's report, Epstein used his connections to the rich and famous to carry out his sexual exploitations.

The Journal writes:

[Epstein] lured dozens of women by promising to use his connections to powerful people to get them jobs or other opportunities. He then groomed most of the women for his personal sexual exploitation, and passed a select group to other men for sex.

The outlet goes on to provide examples that it found during its investigation.

Per the Journal: 

Epstein told some of the women he could get them into Woody Allen films or secure them a job at the United Nations. He promised others he could help them get modeling gigs at Victoria’s Secret. He told the Polish model he could help her get involved at the Gates Foundation. He conjured up many such offers for women.

Then, Epstein would go on to sexually exploit the victims.


The Journal quotes lawyer Brad Edwards as saying, "Without having legitimate connections to so many high-powered people, Jeffrey Epstein would not have been able to traffic most of these women after 2008."

So, a valid question is whether some of the individuals mentioned above - such as Woody Allen and Bill Gates - ought to be considered, at the very least, enablers of Epstein.

This is a question that you, the reader, will have to answer for yourself, and it will likely have to be answered on a case-by-case basis.

Gates is probably one of the better examples as there are several photographs of him with Epstein victims. Gates, for instance, is seen in a photograph with the Polish model referred to above, among others. But, Gates is far from the only one - the same Polish model, for example, is also seen in a photograph with Allen.

Many of Epstein's rich associates have claimed ignorance of what he was up to.

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