Top ‘Tucker Carlson’ writer resigns amid controversy over online posts

A Fox News Channel announcement this week provided a shocking announcement about its top-rated Tucker Carlson Tonight.

According to the Washington Examiner, the network confirmed that the show’s top writer, Blake Neff, has resigned.

After the news was initially reported by CNN, the Examiner cited a Fox News Channel statement providing details about Neff’s exit.

A series of offensive posts

Recent reports targeted Neff for a series of posts he apparently made on the web forum AutoAdmit over a period of several years. The posts have been described as racist and sexist.

Among the most recent examples is his reply to a threat posing the offensive question, “Would you let a JET BLACK congo n—– do lasik eye surgery on u for 50% off?”

Neff reportedly replied that he “wouldn’t get LASIK from an Asian for free, so no.”

An incident in March, shortly after the coronavirus pandemic began to surge in the U.S., he reportedly started his own thread with the title “Disaster: WuFlu outbreak endangers aging shrew’s quest to freeze eggs.”

Last month, Neff is accused of writing that “Black foods staying inside playing Call of Duty is probably one of the biggest factors keeping crime down.”

Neff’s impact on the show

As Carlson’s tremendously popular program continues to move forward without its top writer, it remains to be seen what the resignation will mean for the show. According to Forbes, an average of 4.331 million viewers makes Tucker Carlson Tonight the highest-rated program in cable news history.

Neff touted his own contribution to the show in a recent interview with the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, asserting that he wrote the first draft of anything Carlson is “reading off the teleprompter.”

If that is true, the question remains how well the program will fare without Neff. It also remains to be seen whether Carlson or Fox News will face any blowback as a result.

Of course, Carlson remains the face of the popular show despite his critics‘ continued insistence that he espouses bigoted views. As long as he continues to resonate with his loyal viewers, the loss of a top writer will not be enough to derail his success.

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