Wrestling star Ric Flair hospitalized

One of the true icons of the professional wrestling world has been hospitalized after reported heart problems.

Ric Flair, best-known as “The Nature Boy,’ underwent successful heart surgery on Monday.


Flair is arguably the best wrestler to have ever entered the ring. His career spans more than four decades and almost two dozen championship belts.

Flair broke into wresting way back in 1972 with the American Wresting Association (AWA).

During those days, Flair would go up against what would eventually become royalty in the wrestling world, having faced off against the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Andre the Giant, and Wahoo McDaniel.

This isn’t Flair’s first major hospitalization. Flair also broke his back at the age of 26. This was not a wrestling injury but rather injuries sustained during a plane crash.

Flair was never supposed to wrestle again, but he proved everyone wrong, stepping back into the ring within months of the accident. The accident did change one thing about Flair, however, in that he had to change his wrestling style to accommodate his injuries.

This is when he took on the moniker of “The Nature Boy.” He also became famous for the loud “Woo” he would shout throughout his interviews…

Ric Flair Today

At 70-years-old, Flair is obviously not going to be jumping off the top rope against anytime soon, but we do hope he recovers quickly.

His family has downplayed the medical emergency, with his son-in-law stating, “This was not a last-minute surprise surgery.”

Even in retirement, Flair has a loyal following, as he will from time to time make special appearances.

Rest up Nature Boy and get well soon… your fans miss you.

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