Wreckage found in New Mexico may be missing Colorado plane: Report

A small private plane from Colorado went missing several days ago.

Now, officials are investigating wreckage found in New Mexico to see if it is the remains of the aircraft that disappeared.

Wreckage of small aircraft discovered

KOB4 in Albuquerque reported that remnants of a crashed plane were discovered in the Pecos Wilderness area of the state on Monday. Two unidentified bodies were discovered in the wreckage and were recovered by a New Mexico Search and Rescue Team together with the New Mexico State Police.

It remains unclear at this time if the wreckage is indeed that of the small aircraft that went missing last week, a craft described as a single-engine, fixed-wing, four-seater private plane that was last seen refueling at an airport near Santa Fe.

The Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board have reportedly taken the lead on the investigation of the crash.

Final determination pending

Denver Fox affiliate KDVR reported that authorities have yet to determine if the wreckage belongs to the missing plane due to the fact that the aircraft was so badly damaged that the craft’s registration number was rendered unrecognizable.

Similarly, the two bodies recovered from the crash site also have yet to be identified, thus authorities have declined to say definitively whether the wrecked aircraft is the same one that went missing prior to the weekend.

Crash site matches craft’s last known location

KUSA in Denver reported that the missing aircraft was last seen at the Santa Fe airport on the evening of Sept. 26, but contact between the pilot and the aircraft was lost just moments after takeoff.

The last known “pinged” location of the missing craft’s transmitter placed it in the Pecos Wilderness area, roughly one mile south of the town of Tererro in New Mexico.

The wreckage and bodies were discovered after an intensive search of the inhospitable wilderness area over a three-day period.

Though unconfirmed at this time, it certainly appears likely that the wreckage discovered in New Mexico is that of the missing plane.

Hopefully, investigators are eventually able to confirm the identities of the bodies found in the wrecked plane, if only so the families and friends of those missing individuals can have some closure to this tragic story.

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