Workers petition US Supreme Court for refund of union fees taken without consent

Two New Hampshire state workers have petitioned the Supreme Court to order a labor union to refund dues taken from their paychecks, The Center Square reported.

The suit against the State Employees’ Association of New Hampshire by the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation seeks to have three years of dues refunded to workers Patrick Doughty and Randy Severance. If the Supreme Court agrees to hear this case, it could have huge implications for unions and the power that they wield over workers.

The suit uses legal reasoning established in a key 2018 Supreme Court ruling that determined unions could not take the pay of workers who did not consent to be in a union.

Protecting workers

Unions have grown far beyond their purpose and, until 2018, had unchallenged power to take wages of any worker. Thankfully the Supreme Court stepped in and shut that down, although the existence of this new lawsuit suggests that enforcement has been lacking.

“Union bosses violated the rights of workers in New Hampshire and across the country for decades, and now they must return a few years of those ill-gotten gains,” said Mark Mix, the President of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. “The Court should grant Doughty and Severance’s petition and make it clear that union bosses cannot simply pocket the proceeds of their unconstitutional forced dues scheme.”

New Hampshire is currently considering legislation that would address the issue of forced union dues. Right-to-work legislation is gaining steam in the New Hampshire legislature, and the Supreme Court could use that as their escape from having to tackle the unions.

The practice of forced union dues for both public and private sector workers is a travesty and something that should have been eliminated decades ago.

The Supreme Court has a great opportunity to set the situation straight and send a clear message that the unions are no longer free to take advantage of workers.

Political ramifications

Of course, the Supreme Court could balk at the situation. Unions have incredible political power thanks to the huge sums of money they extract from workers. No matter what the high court does in this situation, the unions aren’t going to take it easy.

If the Supreme Court cracks down on unions nationwide, it could have some far-reaching political consequences.

Unions are a major source of funding for Democrats, who in turn protect union bosses from any attempts to reform labor laws. If the Supreme Court drops the hammer on Unions, it reduces their political clout significantly, which will damage the Democratic Party.

If the Court accepts this case, it will likely draw attention from the entire nation. No doubt, Democrats will jump into the fray in an attempt to maintain the power of their allies.

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