Woody Harrelson reveals his 2024 presidential pick

August 12, 2023
Robert Ayers

It appears that actor Woody Harrelson will not be supporting President Joe Biden's 2024 reelection campaign. 

Do not make the mistake, however, of assuming that Harrelson will thus be supporting former President Donald Trump or some other Republican. Harrelson, like most of Hollywood, is not a Republican.

Rather, a photograph has emerged of Harrelson that shows the actor wearing a "Kennedy 2024" hat.

The hat is obviously referring to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the man who has emerged as Biden's top Democratic 2024 rival. Biden, just to be clear, remains the overwhelming favorite to win his party's nomination.

The photograph

The photograph, of Harrelson in the Kennedy 2024 hat, was posted to the Instagram account of actress Cheryl Hines on Thursday.

Hines included a simple caption, which reads, "Great seeing you Woody." But, Hines also included three hashtags: "#friends,"  "#hats," and #rfkjr." It is unclear whether this means that Hines is also a Kennedy supporter.


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The link

Harrelson has yet to explain why it is that he is supporting Kennedy, a move that, no doubt, will be considered a form of blasphemy in liberal Hollywood.

But, one could take a guess at Harrelson's reasoning, and this is because Kennedy and Harrelson have something in common: both men have spoken out against the political left's COVID-19 narrative.

Kennedy's opposition to the left's COVID-19 narrative is well established. He has been a vocal opponent of many aspects of this narrative, including, most notably, COVID-19 vaccines. As a result of this viewpoint, Kennedy has been the victim of leftist censorship, which he has also spoken out against.

Harrelson, too, has made his opposition to the left's COVID-19 narrative known publicly, perhaps, most notably, when he hosted NBC's Saturday Night Live back in February. Harrelson used the opportunity to criticize COVID-19 vaccines, in particular, and the pharmaceutical industry, in general.

Time to cancel Harrelson?

Many leftists have responded to the Harrelson photograph, in which he is wearing the Kennedy 2024 hat, with outrage.

"Liberal Lisa in Oklahoma," a so-called influencer, for example, wrote: "It’s official. After his s----- SNL opening monologue about Covid, now this. Woody Harrelson is dead to me."

Many other leftist users posted similar messages. The question now is whether Harrelson will be "canceled" by liberal Hollywood for his support of Kennedy and his opposition to the left's COVID-19 narrative. Time will tell.

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