Woman who slapped maskless man on Delta flight is a popular former actress, model

By now, you’ve probably heard of the “Karen” who slapped a man on a Delta flight for not wearing a mask. As it turns out, the woman behind the incident is not the average American citizen.

According to Breitbart, the woman is none other than Patricia Cornwall, the former Playboy model, Baywatch actress, and NFL cheerleader.

Cornwall went mega-viral immediately after the bizarre incident was uploaded to social media, which showed the woman berating a man for not wearing his mask at that particular time.

What happened?

The insane incident occurred last week during a Delta flight from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. While the video didn’t capture the beginning of the argument, her violent actions were caught as she lost control and lashed out against the man.

As Cornwall ripped into the unnamed man for not having his mask on, she repeatedly yelled for him to “put your f***ing mask on!”

The man eventually snapped back at the irate — and possibly intoxicated — actress, saying, “You’ve got your mask down, bi**h,” before adding, “sit down, Karen.”

How it started

In a late-breaking report from the New York Post, more light was shed on how the spat began, and Cornwall had already apparently been frustrated in a separate incident just prior to the fight over her attempts to get back to her seat after using the restroom.

Reportedly, Cornwall had become frustrated when she was blocked by a flight attendant and a beverage cart in her attempt to get back to her seat. As per procedure, the flight attendant instructed Cornwall to find any available empty seat, temporarily, while beverages were being served.

“What am I, Rosa Parks?” the actress shot back. That prompted the man, who would eventually be assaulted by Cornwall, to comment that her remark was way out of line, telling her she wasn’t Black, and adding “this isn’t Alabama and this isn’t a bus.”

It was at that point that Cornwall lost her cool, and entered into the tirade seen in the video above. She would eventually strike the man, which is landing her in serious legal hot water.

Cornwall, thankfully, was arrested at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and was taken into custody by FBI agents. She has several arrest records, including for DUI, and domestic abuse.

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