Woman who shared about post-divorce life on TikTok killed by ex-husband

A Pakistani-American woman who shared on TikTok about her post-divorce life and healing was killed in Chicago by her ex-husband from Georgia in a murder-suicide on Monday, according to police.

Sania Khan, 29, had recently moved to Chicago away from her ex-husband, 36-year-old Raheel Ahmed. Both of their bodies were found with gunshot wounds inside a residence in Chicago, and a weapon was recovered from the scene.

Police ruled Khan’s death a homicide, and Ahmed’s a suicide.

In videos posted on TikTok, Kahn alluded to having been abused by Ahmed when she was married to him for less than a year before filing for divorce.

“The year I almost died”

On the eve of her 28th birthday, she called her 28th year, “The year I got married, the year I moved from a small town to one of the largest cities in the country, the year I filed for divorce, the year I almost died.”

She said that the South Asian community doesn’t support divorce even to escape an unhealthy or abusive marriage.

“Going through a divorce as a South Asian Woman feels like you failed at life sometimes,” she wrote in a TikTok video. “The way the community labels you, the lack of emotional support you receive, and the pressure to stay with someone because ‘what will people say’ is isolating. It makes it harder for women to leave marriages that they shouldn’t have been in to begin with.”

She also said her family didn’t support her decision, writing in one of her videos that she was being “lectured by family members” in a coffee shop.

“I’m done”

“Women are always expected to stay silent,” she wrote about the experience. “It’s what keeps us in messed up situations in the first place. I’m done with this mentality.”

A GoFundMe set up to help with her funeral expenses had raised over 35,000 in donations by Friday.

More than 10 million adults are domestic violence victims in the U.S. every year, and WHO says there has been an increase in domestic violence since COVID-19.

Women ages 18-34 are at the highest risk for experiencing intimate partner violence.

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