Woman who accused Bill Clinton of rape wants to see the former president behind bars

Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused Bill Clinton of violently raping her decades ago, turned 76 on Thursday — and she had just one birthday wish.

In an interview with the Daily Caller, Broaddrick said she just wants “to see the Clintons behind bars.”

No Justice

In the days of the #MeToo movement where we are supposed to believe every woman that comes forward, Broaddrick remains lost in the shuffle.

Broaddrick came forward years ago, but former President Bill Clinton’s denials still go unchallenged by the media and, more importantly, authorities.

Of course, all citizens deserve to be presumed innocent until they have been proven guilty — but it seems prosecutors are ignoring Broaddrick’s story altogether.

Indeed, while Democrats convicted now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh without a shred of evidence, they have laughed at Broaddrick’s charges.

Sadly, this has been going on for almost two decades now.

Meanwhile, Broaddrick says she has more than enough evidence to convict the former president.

“I have 20 times more evidence for my rape by Bill Clinton than Dr. Ford has against Kavanaugh,” she said.

She went on to lament how Democrats have treated her over the allegations through the years.

“Democrats turned their backs on me,” she said. “They refused to read my testimony or acknowledge me in 1999 when I went public with my story.”


Still, though many have argued otherwise, the accusations lodged against Kavanaugh bear no similarities to Broaddrick’s against Clinton.

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford came in with an unverifiable story, and accusers that followed suit had their stories debunked within days.

In fact, at least one Kavanaugh accuser was found to have completely made up the allegations.

But with Bill Clinton, there is a proven track record of behavior that casts serious doubt on his denials.

Broaddrick had bruises and marks on her body to back up her story and she told friends about it almost immediately afterward.

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Sure, she was ashamed at the time, but when she did finally come forward, her facts meant nothing to Democrats, who defended Clinton and made him untouchable while he was president.

It’s about time Clinton gets the book thrown at him for these crimes. On your 76th birthday, Ms. Broaddrick, our wish is the same as yours: lock him up!

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