Woman with bone cancer thanks Trump for ‘right to try’ legislation

Of the many things that President Donald Trump has accomplished since taking office, one of his proudest achievements is passing legislation known as “right to try,” which affords terminally ill patients the opportunity to try experimental and unapproved treatments for whatever ails them if they so desire.

To that end, Trump highlighted a “right to try” success story during an address on Wednesday, actually placing his own speech on hold to allow a young woman with bone cancer to share her story.

A fighting chance

Trump was mid-way through his address at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference on Wednesday when he began to talk about the passing of the so-called “right to try” legislation. He noted the story of Natalie Harp, who he invited to join him on stage.

Harp had spent most of her young life fighting against Stage 2 bone cancer when a medical error by a nurse involving an incorrect IV caused near-fatal consequences that left her wheelchair-bound and in constant pain.

All of the standard treatments had failed Harp, and medical authorities had all but given up and counseled Harp to make preparations for death — until “right to try” was signed into law and Harp took advantage of new doctors, different medications, and experimental treatments that not only improved her quality of life, but even enabled her to walk again.

“Thank you, Mr. President,” Harp said at the podium. “We all know the story of the Good Samaritan. But what you don’t know is I was that forgotten person on the side of the road, a victim of medical error, the number three cause of death under the previous administration, and left to die of cancer.”

She went on: “First the medical establishment, they came by, and they saw me there so they wrote prescriptions for opioids, and they walked on. Next, the political establishment. They saw me there, and they stopped just long enough to come over there and tell me how to die, how to speed up my death so I could somehow ‘die with dignity.'”

Gesturing toward the president, Harp added, “But then an outsider, my Good Samaritan, President Donald J. Trump, he saw me there and he didn’t walk by. He stopped, and for every single one of us, he gave up his own quality of life so we could live and work and fight with dignity.”

Keeping promises.

Harp went on to laud Trump for believing “in survival of the fighters, not the fittest.”

“I have to say that you’ve made a lot of promises to us and you have kept every one of them,” she said of the president. “So now we’re going to make you this promise: Just as you fought for us, forgotten America will never forget how you saw us on the side of the road, and you walked over and you picked us up and you made us great again. And now we’re going to fight for you, Mr. President. God bless you.”

The cheering crowd broke into a chant of, “Four more years!” as Harp left the stage.

Trump then spent a few more moments marveling over just how “incredible” Harp’s story is and how she is an “inspiration” to others — a sentiment no doubt shared by the crowd of Trump supporters at the conference on Wednesday.

Indeed, Natalie Harp’s story truly is an incredible and inspirational one that everyone should hear, and her gratitude toward President Trump for his role in providing her and others the opportunity to try for life was overwhelmingly obvious.

Watch Trump’s full speech, which includes Harp’s talk about 32 minutes in, below:

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