Woman who sent poisoned baked goods to Supreme Court pleads guilty to escaping custody

A Connecticut woman pleaded guilty on Friday to escaping federal custody.

Barbara March, 73, was originally sentenced for sending poisoned treats to all nine Supreme Court Justices, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg, along with then-FBI director Robert Mueller, in 2005.

Not Your Average Criminal

In 2005, March mailed packages of baked goods and candy to the Supreme Court Justices, Mueller, and several other military officials.

Nice gesture, other than the fact the goodies were laced with rat poison —

March was not exactly stealthy in her delivery — she included a note with the treats that reportedly read: “I am going to kill you. This is poisoned.”

Now, don’t put March out to the funny farm just yet, because she did have a reason for doing that.

March also included a return address on her packages, only it was not her address.

Instead, she used the addresses of people in her life with whom she had personal grudges in the hopes they would all get arrested.

March was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2006.

The Escape Plan

March had been serving out the remainder of her term at a halfway house in Washington. She signed herself out in April 2018 and never returned to the home.

She remained on the run for several months until police located and arrested her in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in October 2018.

March now faces an additional five years in custody for the escape.

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