Texas woman argues, slams door on Secret Service agent asking about online threat against Trump

Comments wishing ill on President Donald Trump and his family are unfortunately common on social media these days, but one Texas woman learned that they can have unexpected consequences. After she wrote on social media that she wished someone would shoot President Donald Trump, the Secret Service paid her a visit.

Plainclothes officers came to the San Antonio woman’s front door on January 10, referencing a Facebook comment she made pleading for “someone [to] shoot the fool between the eyes already and call it a day.”

The encounter was captured in a video by the woman’s nephew, who said the agents tried to “intimidate” them and enter the home without a warrant in the videos’ description.

Secret Service shows up

The woman was shocked when a San Antonio police officer and Secret Service agent showed up to her front door “within hours” of the comment, according to the video description.

Video shows the woman getting belligerent with the men as they calmly confronted her over the comments. The video seemed to start off in the middle of things as the woman opened the door to warn the cop and the Secret Service agent that she told them three or four times that they can’t come inside.

The woman grew agitated as the agent asked her for her birthday, prompting her to respond, “That’s none of your concern.” The woman asked the men if she was being charged with a crime, and they explained that she was not “at this point” and wanted to ask her about her statement.

“What statement?” was her reply.

The Secret Service agent read the comment aloud, “Can someone shoot that fool between the eyes already and call it a day.”

“So what you’re saying is that I don’t have freedom of speech? I can’t say what I want to? Is that the concern?” she responded.

Watch the testy exchange below:

Testy exchange

The woman then angrily asked the agent repeatedly if she had committed a crime, prompting him at one point to turn to the cop with a grimacing smile, before explaining that she had a right to refuse an interview. The woman then asked the agent for his contact information so she could “call your boss and then we could really sit down.”

Another dust-up ensued over the phone number and the woman said that she would get a lawyer before calling the agent’s office.

“Not everyone agrees with their commander in chief,” she said, before slamming the door.

Media who followed up on the story said that the woman had retained a lawyer, according to a friend. San Antonio Secret Service agent Paul Duran explained that his office always investigates any tangible threats against the president.

“We’re not here to limit anybody’s free speech rights,” Duran said Monday. “But if it’s threatening in nature to one of our protectees, then we try to determine credibility.”

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He added, “Whenever the circumstances arise, will go on it. We try to make a determination of the credibility of the threat.”

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