Woman kills abusive father after finding child porn photos of herself

As President Trump toured the U.K., a disturbing story emerged about a British woman.

Barbara Coombes, a woman living in Reddish, Stockport, came forward and admitted she killed her father and buried him in their yard more than a decade ago.

That is just the beginning of the story, though, as she claims her father had used her as a “sex slave,” raping her repeatedly over her lifetime ever since she was five years old.

Horrific Tale

Ms. Coombes, 63, has gone about her life for more than a decade knowing her father’s body lay rotting away in the family garden.

According to Coombes, she snapped one day and took her elderly father’s life about twelve years ago.

The cause for the sudden “snap” was a stash of child porn she came across that belonged to her father.

The stash reportedly contained naked photos of herself as a young girl along with photos of another victim.

While gardening that day, she took the spade and killed her father with it. Wrapping his body in a carpet, she buried him behind a tree in the back garden.

In addition to the indecent photos, Coombes stated her father had repeatedly raped her as a young girl and woman.

She even suspected her father was the father of her first child, who died shortly after birth.

Closing In

While Coombes did come forward on her own, she was no doubt worrying that she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret much longer.

Social workers had been sent to the house on several occasions to look for her elderly father, only to be sent away by Coombes.

The problem was that checks were still being sent to the home in her father’s name.

In all, she cashed close to $250,000 in pension and benefits checks.

Police suspected Coombes was panicking that her charade was about to end, which is why she turned herself in.

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The judge in the case ended up sentencing her to nine years in prison.

While the judge felt she was definitely suffering from some form of PTSD after a lifetime of abuse, she did not buy into the idea Coombes acted in self-defense or that she was particularly contrite over her crime.

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