Woman found dead after accusing ‘John of God’ of running a sex slave farm – death ruled suicide

Sabrina Bittencourt, 38, the woman that helped blow the whistle on Brazilian faith healer John of God, has apparently committed suicide at her home in Spain.

The Oprah Effect

John of God became a household name for a bit in 2010 when Oprah Winfrey visited his operation.

Additionally, former President Bill Clinton is rumored to have visited the controversial faith healer.

John of God, whose real name is Joao Teixeira de Faria, was accused by Bittencourt of running a sex slave farm in Brazil.

According to her allegations, he has abused hundreds of women in his “care.”

Allegations of Sexual Abuse

Bittencourt was far from the only person having made abuse allegations against the faith healer.

When the story initially broke and was aired on TV, hundreds of women picked up the phone to tell horror stories about how they were abused by John of God.

The story Bittencourt told, however, was the one that really horrified people around the country.

In her allegations, she had stated women would be imprisoned, forced to have babies, and would then be murdered.

The babies, in turn, were then allegedly sold in a human trafficking scheme.

When she went public, the death threats being made were so overwhelming, she was forced to leave Brazil and flee to Spain.

Bittencourt is believed to have left a suicide note to explain to her family why she was taking her own life.

On his Facebook account, her son, Gabriel Baum, stated, “She took the last step so that we could live. They killed my mother.”

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