Report: Arkansas woman claims Hunter Biden admitted to being the father of her child

Hunter Biden has always been a problem for his father, former vice-president Joe Biden, and now he has one more scandal to add to the list.

An Arkansas woman, Lunden Roberts, who is two decades younger than Hunter Biden, filed a paternity suit in May claiming the former VP’s son is the father of her one-year-old child. According to court documents filed this week, while Hunter Biden has refused to make the admission in public, Roberts claims he has privately acknowledged that the child is his.

Private Admission

Roberts, a former college basketball player, has now asked the court to require Biden to take a paternity test.

Publicly, Biden has denied that the child is his, and he is now demanding the lawsuit be dismissed.

In addition to the paternity test, Roberts is requesting legal fees, insurance costs, and child support.

Will Daddy Save Him Again?

If Biden knows he is not the father, as he claims publicly is the case, why not take the paternity test to embarrass and expose this woman as a fraud?

If he did not father the child or have a relationship with this woman, what does he possibly have to lose by moving forward with a test?

It seems likely that Joe Biden will get involved at some point and claim this is a political attack, but again, a simple test could settle the matter once and for all.

Troubled History

Hunter Biden does not exactly have a stellar record when it comes to women and relationships. He has also had significant drug and alcohol problems over the years.

In fact, after strings were pulled to waive the age restriction for the Naval Reserve so Biden could enter the service, he was booted out in 2014 because he tested positive for cocaine.

Biden’s personal information was also part of the Ashley Madison data breach, so it is a reasonable assumption he has no problem cheating on his spouse. Let’s not forget that his divorce happened in 2017, not long after that data breach was made public.

After his divorce, he started a relationship with his dead brother’s widow and was involved with her at the time of this alleged affair, creating even more public relations problems for his father. Suffice it to say, this is not exactly the best look as the primary season rolls onward.

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