Woman who claimed harassment by pro-Trump teens arrested – for false report

Matthew Dowd needs to read this story before continuing to push for delaying Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS vote.

A woman who in early September claimed a hate crime had been committed against her by Donald Trump supporters has been arrested and charged for filing a false police report.

Crying Wolf

When 19-year-old Adwoa Lewis filed her initial police report, there were more than a few skeptics.

Lewis claimed she was driving home when a group of four teenagers came after her.

She claimed the teenagers had confronted her, yelling “Trump 2016” at her, then told her she “didn’t belong here.”

Lewis them claimed when she came out to her car the next morning, the tires had been slashed and there was a note left on her vehicle.

The note read, “Go home.”

Now, after the investigation has been completed, police found no evidence of her claim.

Finally, Lewis came clean and admitted she had actually penned the note herself.

She was arrested and charged, and now she is expected to appear in court later this month on the charges.

False Claims

Cases such as this are proof positive everyone needs to pump the brakes a bit after an allegation is made.

Just because an allegation has been made does not mean it actually happened.

Sadly, over the last two years, we have seen more and more of these false allegations made to portray conservatives and/or Trump supporters in a bad light.

This is also not to dismiss any allegations out-of-hand.

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Every allegation should be taken seriously but it should also be thoroughly investigated before judgement is made.

Today, though, every person is immediately considered guilty until they can prove their innocence.

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