Witness in Rittenhouse trial appears to contradict testimony in subsequent interview

A key witness in the murder trial of teenager Kyle Rittenhouse appeared to contradict his own testimony during a subsequent interview on CNN.

According to Breitbart, Gaige Grosskreutz said in an interview that aired Thursday that he had his “arms up” when he was shot by Rittenhouse last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin amid riots there brought on by a police shooting.

But in court Monday, Grosskreutz had told Rittenhouse’s defense team that his gun was pointed at the teenager at the time of the shooting.

Witness testimony

According to NPR, Rittenhouse, now 18, has been charged with attempted murder for shooting Grosskreutz in the arm in addition to six other charges, “including two counts of homicide” for the fatal shootings of two other men “and two counts of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.”

He pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

His lawyers have argued the shootings came in self-defense. And — in addition to video evidence — Grosskreutz’s own testimony seemed to bolster that narrative.

The Washington Post reported Monday:

In his testimony, Grosskreutz acknowledged confronting Rittenhouse with a gun in one hand but denied he ever intended to shoot him. […] But Grosskreutz admitted that he pointed his gun at the teenager, saying Rittenhouse opened fire only once he approached with his gun aimed.

A different story

Speaking on CNN, Grosskreutz seemed to have changed his tune.

“It’s important to note though that the physiology of my wound would be inconsistent with somebody being shot with their arm — and we’ll say, the traditional way that you would point a gun at somebody or some thing — the only way that I could have sustained the injury that I have is if I have been shot with my arms up,” Grosskreutz claimed, according to Breitbart.

The man also tried to claim that he never “intentionally” pointed his gun at Rittenhouse.

Closing arguments in the trial are expected to begin this week and could “last four to five hours,” according to NBC 5 in Chicago. Some 18 witnesses have testified throughout the duration of the trial.

If convicted, Rittenhouse faces up to life in prison.

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