Witness who said George Floyd had rocky history with former officer Chauvin changes his tune: Report

Earlier this week, CBS News broke a major story alleging that George Floyd and former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin didn’t just know each other, but in fact often “bumped heads” while working security together at a local nightclub.

But on Wednesday, CBS was forced to walk back their story after their sole source flipped his script. David Pinney, who had previously told CBS News that Floyd and Chauvin had a rocky history, now says he had Floyd mixed up with someone else.

“There has been a mix-up”

According to Fox News, Chauvin is currently sitting in a jail cell on charges of second-degree murder after he pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes during an arrest on Memorial Day. Chauvin still didn’t remove his knee after Floyd became unresponsive, and reports have indicated that paramedics who arrived on the scene never found a pulse.

Three other officers who were present at the time of Floyd’s arrest have been charged with aiding and abetting, according to Minneapolis’ Star-Tribune. But of course, these charges haven’t meant the end of the controversy.

Amid nationwide unrest over Floyd’s death, Pinney told CBS News that Chauvin and Floyd often “bumped heads” while working a security gig together in the past. Now, however, he’s changing his story.

“There has been a mix up between George and another fellow co-worker,” Pinney later clarified, according to CBS.

He went on to apologize to the network. “I apologize for not doing my due diligence and placing you in a very uncomfortable situation,” he said, according to CBS.

“He always showed aggression”

CBS reported that Pinney had originally “described working with both men and said Floyd didn’t want to interact with Chauvin because of Chauvin’s aggressive behavior.”

CBS says Pinney “stands by” that “characterization” of the ex-cop.

“He always showed aggression,” Pinney said of Chauvin, according to CBS. “To keep it professional, George had me intervene.”

The source also described a “personal bond” between himself and Floyd that had materialized out of their mutual detest for Chauvin. But it seems his claims — as well as CBS’s — are crumbling at the seams.

What ever happened to fact-checking?

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