Key witness in Epstein cases vanishes ‘without a trace’

Is this yet another case of Arkancide, or has the longtime friend of Jeffrey Epstein simply disappeared on his own?

Investigators are at their wits’ end trying to find Jean-Luc Brunel, modeling agency founder and regular visitor to Epstein’s private island, and as the search for him intensifies, the Clintons are surely holding their breath.

Like a Ghost

Brunel is the founder of MC2, a New York-based modeling agency. In addition to having a longtime relationship with Epstein, Brunel is also allegedly friendly with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Maxwell is the woman believed to have been a recruiter of underaged girls for Epstein, more or less acting as his madam.

Brunel is being sought by French authorities, who have launched their own investigation into the alleged illegal activities of Epstein. Brunel is a person of interest because he is believed to have lived in Epstein’s Paris home for a time.

Convenient Disappearance

If authorities are unable to locate Brunel, there is little doubt conspiracy theorists will want to add him to the “Arkancide” list associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

While there is no evidence that either of the Clintons had anyone on this list killed, the number of deaths that were in fact convenient to them in one way or another is impossible to ignore.

Brunel would be added to that list because he may very well have been involved in recruiting girls for Bill Clinton or was perhaps a witness to activities by Clinton that could land him in hot water.

The former president has denied any wrongdoing, but at least one of the girls that has claimed Epstein abused her when she was underage has stated Clinton was definitely on the island.

If Brunel was aware of this information, it would benefit Bill Clinton if authorities were never able to talk to him. Though well-known as the founder of a major modeling agency, Brunel is shockingly tough to track down.

While the charges have been dropped against Epstein here in the states, there will undoubtedly be civil cases brought against his estate. Additionally, his associates will be held accountable for their role in Epstein’s nefarious activities.

That being the case, it behooves U.S. law enforcement to aid the French authorities in their search for Mr. Brunel.

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