With Biden 'diminished,' speculation surges about 'return of the Clintons'

 March 5, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

It was a federal special counsel's report, on evidence Joe Biden violated federal law with his handling of classified federal papers he took with him when he left office as senator and vice president, that pointed out his "diminished" capabilities.

Then followed a report published in New York Magazine that former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, who twice has failed in her campaigns for the White House, are "quietly and steadily increasing their engagement with Washington as the election heats up."

The result was inevitable, with HeadlineUSA proclaiming, "'She's running': Clinton and hubby make 2024 comeback."

That report cited the New York article in stating, "Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and impeached former President Bill Clinton are 'quietly' and 'steadily' staging a comeback ahead of the 2024 presidential election…"

It seems, the reports reveal, Hillary has been providing "advice" to Kamala Harris regarding her appearances and Bill Clinton "has privately met with Biden at least twice since the inauguration."

The reports documented just as Trump "cruises" comfortably to the Republican nomination this year, Biden is facing huge headwinds and massive loss among his constituencies because of his age, his mental flubs and blunders, his disastrous economy and even his handling of America's response to the Hamas terror war on Israel.

Then, too, Michelle Obama has been mentioned as a possible replacement for Biden, and now it appears Hillary Clinton is installing herself in the same position.

Trump adviser Jason Miller immediately put it on social media, with "She's running."

Hillary, in fact, always is there on social media criticizing Trump, who soundly defeated her in 2016. She recycles much of her rhetoric from her failed campaign.

"Be alarmed, and vote accordingly," she preaches.

New York Magazine also noted how Bill Clinton has become more and more active in recent months, offering advice to Joe Manchin, visiting with Biden, and more.

During a trip aboard Air Force One en route to Rosalynn Carter's memorial service, Bill Clinton and Biden were "chewing over the unique challenges of the presidency as almost no one else could. Flying south from Washington, they discussed Biden’s obstacles in a political environment warped by Trump — how hard it had gotten to focus public attention on what Biden was doing and how complicated it had become to turn around the national feeling about the economy."

Hillary Clinton, also aboard, "had plenty of her own thoughts as Biden entered 2024 running behind her old foe in the polls," the report said.

And the Clintons have been holding "dinners" about the coming election in both Chappaqua and Washington.

The Clintons also have been drawing attention by holding a fundraiser with Barack and Michelle Obama.

"According to a dozen people who’ve spoken with them directly in recent weeks, both have been quietly and steadily increasing their engagement with Washington as the election season heats up," the report said.

And, the report noted, even today "a handful of very tight Clinton allies have roles high up in the Biden administration and political operations."

Hillary, in fact, has been offering suggestions on what should happen, in her insistence that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "should go; he is not a trustworthy leader," giving the impression it was a signal from Biden's administration.

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