Wisconsin voters aren’t impressed by impeachment case: Report

The impeachment hearings being held by House Democrats are having the opposite of their desired effect —  especially in key swing states.

A recent poll taken in Wisconsin delivered a nasty shock to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: Democrats’ impeachment efforts have actually increased support for Donald Trump in the state.

They have also led to a consistent dwindling of support for the president’s ouster, The Washington Times reports.

Support rapidly declining

Polls can’t be taken as absolute truths, but they are useful for establishing a trend. For instance, if support for Trump had only improved in only one poll, it could be an outlier, depending on the type of voters surveyed or even on recent headlines.

However, when you see a downward trend of support for impeachment over multiple polls, that is a trend you can more than likely trust.

In this case, several were polls taken before, during, and after the impeachment hearings, and only about 40% of the voters in Wisconsin still believe Trump should be removed from office — a significant decline from the support prior to the hearings.

Point being: Americans are finally starting to realize the Democrats are cooking up charges to suit their own purpose. And the conduct by both Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Jerry Nadler (D-NY) during their respective committee hearings did not help the Democrats’ case.

Election tightening up

The same thing is happening in election matchups. Several months ago, Trump was losing virtually every key state, including Wisconsin, regardless of whom he was matched up against.

Now, the consistent trend has been a rise in Trump’s support — and in most cases, he is now either tied or ahead of the projected Democrat primary winner.

In Wisconsin, former Vice President Joe Biden has blown what was once a double-digit lead to be in a virtual tie with Trump — not exactly promising news for Biden, since Trump has barely been on the campaign trail.

This poll is of particular significance because, as The Washington Times noted: “Wisconsin is one of the critical Rust Belt states Mr. Trump won in 2016, giving him the margin of victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.”

Nancy Pelosi’s House impeachment is not winning the hearts and minds of the American people. But at least that’s good news for Trump.

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