Wisconsin Supreme Court rules against transgender sex-offender seeking name change

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that a transgender sex offender cannot legally get a name change, dealing a massive blow to the left and their insane transgender crusade.

In a 4-3 ruling, the Supreme Court found that “Ella,” a 22-year-old 6’5″ biological male, was not allowed to change his name as he was registered on Wisconsin’s sex offender registry.

The Daily Wire reported that “Court documents showed that a 15-year-old Ella was convicted of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old autistic boy who was blind in one eye. This led to Ella’s placement on the sex offender list. Ella, who was over 200 pounds heavier than the victim, also bullied the victim on Facebook after the assault.”

Triumph of reason

Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote the majority decision and stated that “Consistent with well established precedent, we hold Ella’s placement on the sex offender registry is not a ‘punishment’ under the Eighth Amendment. Even if it were, sex offender registration is neither cruel nor unusual. We further hold Ella’s right to free speech does not encompass the power to compel the State to facilitate a change of her legal name.”

However, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley dissented from the majority opinion arguing that the decision would “expose” the plaintiff to “discrimination and abuse.”

Justice Bradley argued that “Requiring Ella to maintain a name that is inconsistent with her gender identity and forcing her to out herself every time she presents official documents exposes her to discrimination and abuse.”

Those arguments were rejected, and the Wisconsin State Supreme Court upheld reason in a time when the Judicial system often endorses insanity under the guise of inclusion.

“Ella” is a violent offender who bullied his victim and attempted to force the State into endorsing his delusions.

Had the Supreme Court ruled in “Ella’s” favor, it would have opened Pandora’s box. Allowing a sex offender to change key identifying information would undermine the entire point of the list and the protections it provides to regular Americans.

Transgender ideology must be rejected

Thankfully, this latest decision is one of a few important decisions that have put a stop to the transgender agenda that the Democrat Party and the radical left are pushing.

It is unacceptable that cases like this could even make it this far to the State Supreme Court.

Predators like “Ella” who commit awful crimes should not be catered to. Basic science cannot be ignored for the feelings of certain individuals who comprise a tiny portion of the population.

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