Wisconsin GOP speaker appoints special counsel for 2020 audit efforts

While efforts to audit the 2020 election results in a number of states have been met with extreme resistance, a GOP-led audit effort in Wisconsin just gained a sharper set of teeth to proceed with their intention to take a fresh look at the election results.

That’s because, according to the Washington Examiner, Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos appointed former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman to the position of “special counsel” with regard to the audit efforts, providing Gableman the power to complete a “top-to-bottom investigation.” 

Gableman has gone on the record previously of suggesting that the 2020 election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

What does this mean?

Vos admitted that the previous plan, which included hiring retired police officers to investigate instances of potential voter and ballot fraud in the swing state during the 2020 election, wasn’t enough to get the process up and going.

The speaker announced that the retired cops left the taxpayer-funded positions earlier this month, which led to the appointment of the special counsel.

“After talking with our original investigative team, we realize that the part-time nature of these contracts is less time than is needed to complete the investigation,” a statement from Vos said. “Justice Gableman will have the resources and ability to determine the need for any future adjustments.”

Vos also predicted that his investigation will conclude sometime this fall, though the total cost of the process has yet to be revealed.

Previous controversy

It was only in June that former President Donald Trump tore into Vos and other Wisconsin leaders for what he believes was an effort to “cover up election corruption in Wisconsin.”

“They are actively trying to prevent a Forensic Audit of the election results, especially those which took place in Milwaukee, one of the most corrupt election locales in the country. Don’t fall for their lies!” Trump said in a statement at the time.

Trump also warned at the time that the Wisconsin leaders would undoubtedly be “primaried out of office” if they continued to block efforts to reexamine the 2020 election results.

It’s unclear whether Trump’s statement played a role in Vos taking new measures to investigate any potentially fraudulent voter activity in the state, but not a stretch considering the former president’s wide base of support in the state.

In the wake of the 2020 election, several major counties in the state performed recounts which resulted in no major changes. President Joe Biden won the swing state by roughly 20,600 votes.

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