Montel Williams calls for violence against woman who protested Nancy Pelosi

High-profile liberals are once again trying to pick and choose when to enforce the law — and when it is apparently okay to conduct violence against a woman.

After Montel Williams heard about a protest against Nancy Pelosi conducted by far-right personality Laura Loomer, Williams actually suggested she be tased to teach her a lesson.

Covering His Tracks

Williams sent out his threat via Twitter, but quickly deleted it when he realized what he had said.

Unluckily for Williams, someone was able to grab an alleged screenshot of the tweet before he deleted it.

Take a look:

Williams later tried to justify his initial comments, but it simply did not make sense.

Poor Choices

First and foremost, Loomer should not have done what she did.

In protest of Nancy Pelosi’s border wall comments, Loomer decided to jump the wall around Pelosi’s estate and set up a tent in her backyard.

Using extreme tactics, she was trying to recreate what is happening at our borders.

Eventually, she was removed from the property and did not resist the officers in any way.

Selective Enforcement

Williams took his reaction to this to the extreme.

He apparently feels there’s no punishment needed for people that are breaking the law to enter this country, but wants to taser a young lady for her protest.

This is typical of Democrats and liberals, in general, these days.

They want to selectively enforce the laws to benefit their narrative.

Where was Williams when protestors were assaulting the home of Fox host Tucker Carlson?

Where was Williams to recommend tasing the people who approached Fox contributor Tomi Lahren and her parents when they were out to dinner?

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As we have stated before, crimes only deserve punishment when conservatives commit them.

If you are a liberal or an undocumented immigrant, apparently there are no rules anymore.

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