Juan Williams accuses Trump of fear mongering over U.S. Census question

President Trump lost his fight to get the citizenship question added to the census. On Thursday, Trump said he was not going to use an executive order to add the question but would instead go through federal agencies to get the information needed.

In response, Fox News star Juan Williams continued on his quest to destroy his career at the network by attacking Trump over the issue. Williams stated, “People are scaremongering and that is what this president is doing.”

You Got It All Wrong Juan

Of all people, Williams referenced Hillary Clinton, who stated Trump’s actions were “weaponizing fear and bigotry.”

The Supreme Court only said “no” to Trump because the attorneys did not present a solid enough case as to why the White House wanted the information in the first place.

Williams apparently does not believe the government has the right to know how many people are living illegally in this country.

It was a point Jesse Watters was quick to call him out on. Watters pointed to the fact James Monroe had a citizenship question on his census and nobody made a big deal about it. Watters stated, “They’ve been doing this since the 1820s.”

Let’s face facts… the only reason this is really a problem is that Donald Trump is the one that wants the information.

Far-Reaching Impact

The Census is used for a variety of things, including the allocation of government funds and representation.

If illegal immigrants are included in the census, certain states will be receiving more of both based on the fact illegals are included in their population numbers.

Trump has already stated any census without the citizenship question is “meritless” and the census, which costs us tens of millions of dollars, is actually pointless. As Trump stated, Dems are using a political issue to put our national security at risk.

It is also worth noting the majority of Americans want to see that question on the census, so what are Democrats really fighting over?

That question has a simple answer… Power. They know that counting illegal immigrants benefits only them, which is why they will fight tooth and nail to ensure Trump never gets the information.

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