Fox’s Juan Williams jabs Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for impeachment comments

Anyone can see there is a rift on the Democrat party right now over Trump’s impeachment, but Fox News’ Juan Williams decided to confirm the rumors that he’s finally decided to pick a side in the ongoing conflict.

According to Williams, Nancy Pelosi simply wants to win in 2020, but AOC is letting her “fury” get the best of her because she simply hates Donald Trump.

Fury Over Purpose

The general consensus from Democrats is that Nancy Pelosi is a brilliant political tactician. As such, everything she says and does has a purpose.

Pelosi has done her best to keep the impeachment talk of Trump alive without actually acting on it. She is doing this because she knows she does not even have the support in the House to carry out an impeachment, let alone get it through the Republican-run Senate.

AOC, on the other hand, just wants Trump removed from office, period, and she will do that anyway she can, including introducing impeachment proceedings on Trump.

She has no real evidence to back up her efforts, only her own anger, which is exactly what Williams addressed.

He stated, “…I really sometimes think that when I hear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speak, it’s out of just, like, a fury at Trump.”

Media-Driven Impeachment

Jessie Watters, a co-host on The Five with Juan Williams, noted that the rising cry for impeachment is increasingly media-driven.

While most Americans are over it, the media continues to push the narrative by blowing up statements made by Dems and driving polls.

It seems as though every time someone even touches on the subject, one of the main networks runs another poll to tell us how many Democrats want to see Trump impeached.

Yet, here they are on The Five still talking about impeachment. The bottom line here, and we all know it, is that Trump won’t be impeached.

However, that will not stop Nancy Pelosi from using it as a tactic to subtly undermine Trump, nor will it make AOC’s fury go away anytime soon.

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