Fox News’ Juan Williams calls President Trump an ‘idiot’

Juan Williams may have just ended his career with a single word.

While in the middle of a discussion on The Five, Williams stated: “There’s a Republican whose finally saying it’s time to impeach this idiot.”

Williams was immediately rebuked by Jessie Watters. Even Dana Perino was taken aback by the comment.

Can’t Get Away with That

We have seen Fox News discipline other hosts for saying controversial things about our elected representatives.

However, so far, it only seems to happen when it is a conservative pundit saying something about a Democrat.

For liberals, everyone seems to be still be fair game, including Trump.

Williams should absolutely be disciplined for calling the President an idiot, or at the very least, he should be required to issue an apology to both the President and Fox viewers.

Can’t Help Himself

Williams is caught up in a wave of liberals that attacks Trump simply for the sport of it. During that segment, he was going after Trump for focusing on Biden.

Williams stated that Trump thinks Biden is a threat to PA, which he clearly is. PA was one of the battleground states responsible for Trump winning the presidential election.

Biden also happens to be the clear leader of the Democrat race right now. By going after Biden in PA, Trump is forcing Biden to spend extra money in a state he probably thought he could take without much effort.

You may not like the strategy, but that is exactly what it appears to be right now.

The fact Williams does not understand that makes it pretty clear who the real idiot is.

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