Juan Williams says Pete Buttigieg’s candidacy all but finished after disastrous town hall meeting

Democrat 2020 presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg has come under intense scrutiny in recent days over his handling of a police-involved shooting of a black man in his town that has left the local black community incredibly dissatisfied.

After a town hall meeting with angry constituents spiraled out of control and descended into chaos this weekend, Fox News liberal contributor Juan Williams, together with Geraldo Rivera, suggested that Mayor Buttigieg’s chances for the presidential nomination have been all but destroyed.

Doomed campaign

In a segment on Fox News’ The Story with Martha MacCallum, Rivera was the first to speak, asserting that the incident in South Bend was where “the rubber meets the road” for Buttigieg, implying that the candidate has reached a point where he either needs to show results or step aside.

Rivera predicted that Buttigieg’s candidacy would come to an end in the South Carolina primary, an early-voting state with a sizable population of black voters whose support will be crucial for any Democrat candidate.

Williams said Rivera was “on point” with his summation that Buttigieg’s candidacy would progress no further than South Carolina, given the large number of black voters there.

“Small town mayor”

Williams then proceeded to compare Buttigieg’s apparent issues with black voters to the stumbles and missteps recently committed by top 2020 candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, whose past history of working alongside segregationists and racists has received renewed attention.

However, Williams suggested that Buttigieg’s problem was worse than Biden’s.

“I think Pete Buttigieg is proving to be a guy from a small town, a small town mayor, and he has to prove he can deal with a crisis,” Williams opined.

“If he doesn’t deal with this, it’s a terrible sign for someone who says he wants to handle the nation’s crises,” he added.

Not ready for prime time

Juan Williams made an incredibly valid point in that if Pete Buttigieg is incapable of effectively handling a divisive problem within his own relatively small city, how can he hope to successfully tackle the vast plethora of much larger issues that have the nation embroiled in angry divisiveness at present.

To be sure, Buttigieg has been a hot commodity among Democrats of late, and he actually deserves a modicum of praise for his decision to step away from the campaign trail and return home to address an ongoing crisis in his own backyard.

That said, the manner in which he has handled that situation thus far has left folks on both sides of the divide unhappy, and unless he is able to turn things around and bring a majority of people in that small town together in a satisfactory fashion, he has virtually no hope of even obtaining his party’s nomination, much less winning the presidency.

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