‘That’s big trouble’: Juan Williams says Biden ‘should have known’ he would be attacked in debate

After last week’s Democratic debates, most pundits agreed that Sen. Kamala Harris took home the winning laurels, while former golden boy Joe Biden is struggling to recover. And when even liberal Fox News host Juan Williams is saying that Biden is in trouble, you know it’s real.

Biden admitted during a CNN interview Friday that he “wasn’t prepared” for the attacks from Harris. But on “The Five” Friday, Williams said that Joe Biden’s excuse signals “big trouble” for his presidential ambitions.

Biden admits he “wasn’t prepared”

In the interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Biden implied that he hadn’t fought back against Harris due to the time constraints of the debate structure and his desire to remain above the fray.

Asked if he’d been prepared for the other candidates to take shots at him, Biden replied, “I was prepared for them to come after me but I wasn’t prepared for the person coming at me the way she came at me, she knew Beau [Biden’s late son], she knows me.”

“That’s big trouble”

Later that day on “The Five,” Williams said of Biden, “In that interview he gave the impression that he really wasn’t ready to be challenged that way, and if that’s true, boy, that’s big trouble, because he should have known that as the front-runner there were long knives ready for him, that’s how other people are going to rise and challenge him as the front-runner.”

“That’s exactly what Kamala Harris did, she took command of the stage and it’s the reason why we’ve seen her jump ahead in the polls,” the liberal host continued.

“I think what you’re seeing there is he’s trying to strike the right tone. He doesn’t want to be too aggressive in trying to take her out, and he says he’s not going to play that game — maybe he can have his surrogates and aides, you know, plant stories and go after her in that fashion — but I think he wants to remain as if he’s above the fray, that he’s the front-runner,” Williams added.

Get ready for the next one

Near the end of the segment, Williams said, “I think the bigger point right now is that we’ve got another debate in three weeks, and so you’re going to have a higher bar and it’s going to be tough again for Joe Biden because he looked bad coming out of that debate and other people made up ground.”

“So people are going to be looking to punch again at Joe Biden, and he better figure out how to deal with this,” he said.

“My sense is, though, that Joe Biden’s claim at this moment … is that he’s the most electable Democrat running against Donald Trump,” Williams added.

Watch the segment below:

Juan Williams was absolutely right in that Biden, as the clear front-runner among the Democratic candidates, should have known and been prepared for attacks from his opponents. If he doesn’t get better prepared for future debates, his campaign for the presidency will indeed be in “big trouble,” as recent post-debate polls already show.

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