Actor Will Smith reveals how his son felt ‘abandoned’ after divorce with his ex-wife

In a not-so-rare moment, actor Will Smith opened up on Instagram about some very personal information.

Smith revealed that after divorcing his son Trey’s mother, Sheree Fletcher, his relationship with his son was rather strained. According to the actor, his son even felt “betrayed” and “abandoned.”

Today, though, the two are apparently closer than ever.

Best Friends

Smith is known for sharing “special moments” with his children on Instagram.

In this case, he and his son Trey traveled together to Abu Dhabi for the Formula 1 race held on Sunday.

After his tear-jerking video, Smith also released several other posts revealing the history of the relationship between him and his son.

Smith said that he and his son struggled with their relationship after Smith’s divorce with Trey’s mother.

Over the years, though, they were able to repair their relationship.

Now, the two of them consider each other to be not only father and son, but also best friends.

Will and Jada

Meanwhile, Smith’s current and longlasting marriage with actress Jada Pinkett Smith continues to make pop culture headlines as a strong couple in Hollywood — but it almost didn’t even happen.

While Smith was with Fletcher, he had what he called several “near misses” with Pinkett.

The two eventually did meet, but Smith was already married to Fletcher.

Smith apparently went through some tough times emotionally realizing Pinkett was actually the woman he wanted to be with, but he was already married and refused to ask for a divorce.

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Fletcher obviously picked up on something, as she was the one that initiated the divorce.

Even though their marriage did not work, however, Fletcher and Smith have maintained a workable and amicable relationship, which no doubt helped Smith rekindle things with his son, Trey.

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