‘There will be a recount’: Georgia official confirms state’s presidential returns need review

A range of mainstream media outlets called the 2020 presidential race for Democratic nominee Joe Biden, effectively establishing him as the president-elect.

Many pundits and allies of President Donald Trump, however, pointed out that the election could still spawn a number of surprises beyond threats of litigation. As one example, the traditionally GOP-leaning state of Georgia saw a razor-thin margin of victory for Biden, sparking the need for a recount, according to The Hill.

“Far beyond Georgia’s borders”

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger made the announcement earlier in the week as the two presidential hopefuls jockeyed for the lead in an exceptionally close race.

Recent tallies show the two men within a few thousand votes of each other, with several thousand ballots — including many from enlisted service members — still uncounted.

“With a margin that small, there will be a recount in Georgia,” Raffensperger asserted. “Interest in our election obviously goes far beyond Georgia’s borders. The final tally in Georgia at this point has huge implications for the entire country.”

Of course, his announcement should not come as a surprise to either political party, given state law that dictates a candidate can request a recount if a race is decided by 0.5 percentage points or less.

All eyes on Georgia

At the time of the secretary of state’s announcement, Trump’s lead was less than 0.1%.

Although the margins are incredibly close, it is unlikely that a recount would allow the president to overcome a four-figure deficit.

Furthermore, a win in Georgia became far less significant when Biden was declared the winner of the hotly contested state of Pennsylvania, effectively vaulting him over the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

According to USA Today, media interest will be focused not only on Georgia’s role in the presidential race, but also as an integral piece in either party’s goal to gain control of the U.S. Senate.

Two key races in the legislative chamber are headed to a runoff election in January after no candidate achieved a majority of the vote.

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