Violent threats against Kavanaugh’s daughters ‘getting worse by the day’

When Judge Brett Kavanaugh first received a nomination to the Supreme Court from President Donald Trump, some commentators and pundits half-jokingly warned that Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters ought to prepare themselves for the political firestorm that was about to envelop them.

Little did anyone know how prescient or serious those warnings would be, as the confirmation process has now transformed into such a heated and politicized debacle that Kavanaugh’s wife and two young daughters are now the targets of the most horrid and vile threats.

Conservative author and journalist Paul Sperry tweeted Sunday that the threats against Kavanaugh’s two daughters were “getting worse by the day,” quoting Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Vicious threats

Fox News reported earlier that not only were Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford receiving threats of death and violence, but Kavanaugh’s wife Ashley and their two young daughters were also on the receiving end of similar threats.

Most of those threats are too graphic and vile to be reprinted here. Suffice it to say, they are beyond unnecessary and completely out of bounds with respect to our society’s ideal of civil discourse on political disagreements.

Fox obtained copies of emails received by the Kavanaughs which excoriated his wife for marrying a “rapist,” accused the judge of being a pedophile, called for his death and/or suicide and suggested that the wife and mother — as well as her two innocent daughters — should “burn in hell” right alongside the judge.

Meanwhile, as Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters have their lives and physical safety threatened by hate-filled anonymous leftists via email and social media, the liberal mainstream media appear to be concerned solely with the equally unnecessary and vile threats received by Ford.

Ford is reported to have had her personal email account hacked and been forced to vacate her home with her family due to the threats she has received. A big sticking point in her negotiations with the Senate Judiciary Committee on an appearance to testify about her allegations are in regard to ensuring her safety at such an appearance.

Where’s the balance?

The Daily Caller reported that White House counselor Kellyanne Conway took the media to task on Friday for the great disparity in coverage with regard to the disgusting threats that were flowing freely on both sides of the increasingly tense confirmation battle.

“It’s not fair to Kavanaugh. It’s probably not fair to Dr. Ford. It’s also not fair to get so little coverage of all the vile language and death threats being thrown at Judge Kavanaugh’s family,” said Conway of the “politicized” nature of the unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct against Kavanaugh and how they’d been played up by Democrats and their media allies.

“His young daughters, his wife don’t deserve that. He does not deserve that. None of you deserve it. He really needs to tone down the temperature that way. Lot of people are attacking him and his family and it’s awful. It’s awful,” she added.

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Holding up

Ashley Kavanaugh made an appearance on Fox News with Martha MacCallum on Monday, defending her husband and responding to the threats. “This process is incredibly difficult,” she said, when asked about the threats against her family and the effects on her daughters.

She described the past few weeks as “harder than we imagined and we imagined it might be hard.”

“But, our faith is strong,” she added.

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