Why the FBI targeted Catholics as potential domestic terrorists

August 12, 2023
World Net Daily

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It's just one of the scandals that have been revealed in the Biden administration, the FBI's decision to target Catholic families as possible domestic terrorists.

Administration officials brushed it off when the official memo attacking Catholics was revealed, saying it was from just one office and it was repudiated immediately.

But now an analysis by John Daniel Davidson at The Federalist notes that testimony from FBI chief Christopher Wray, who claimed the "one office" involvement, wasn't the truth.

And it turns out multiple offices in Richmond, Virginia, Los Angeles, and Portland all worked on it.

Davidson explained the FBI had identified "Radical-Traditionalist Catholics" who attend parishes that offer the Latin Mass. They, the FBI claimed, are hotbeds of "Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists."

He explained Wray lied to Congress about the effort by the FBI to "try to monitor, surveil, and investigate American citizens based on their religion."

But he said it should not be a surprise that the FBI would target those people – Catholics who attend Latin Mass.

"Why? Because the FBI has become a tool of the permanent regime in Washington, which will tolerate no resistance to their ideology, which is best understood as pagan morality. Abortion, gender ideology, and the thinly-veiled racism of critical race theory in particular are considered sacred by the regime. Traditional Catholics — or 'Radical-Traditionalist Catholics' in FBI parlance — oppose these things and will never accept them," he explained.

He said, "That’s the real reason the FBI was targeting Catholics. It had nothing to do with the alleged threat of 'white supremacy,' as the leaked memo claimed. Anyone with a passing familiarity with Latin Mass parishes knows they are just about the last place in America where you’re likely to encounter white supremacists."

He said the fact is those Catholics who attend Latin Mass "tend to take the Catholic Church’s teachings seriously."

That's in contrast to "supposedly 'devout' Catholic Democrat politicians, including President Joe Biden and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Latin Mass-attending Catholics oppose abortion, gay marriage, transgenderism, and racism in the guise of CRT."

Davidson said those Catholics accept church teachings and the concept that "all people are created in God’s image, regardless of race or sex, and therefore all are equal in the eyes of God."

"In fact, it’s precisely this doctrine that so offends the FBI and the regime it serves. Dividing people according to immutable and unchosen characteristics such as race or sex is what the political left wants to do. It’s what drives the left’s obsession with skin color and so-called gender identity. Instead of a republic of free and equal citizens, the regime wants a collection of favored and disfavored groups to rule over, pitting them against one another while doling out rewards and punishments based on alleged guilt and grievance."

He identified the administration's problem as the fact that faithful Christians "will never accept this. Nor will they accept abortion as a fundamental right that trumps all others, or the castration and sterilization of children in the name of transgenderism."

"Understood in that light, the FBI is right to treat traditional Catholics as a threat. If your goal is to force the country to accept abortion, transgenderism, or race essentialism, then yes, Catholics — especially Catholics who attend Latin Mass — are going to be a problem for you. You’re going to want to keep an eye on them, maybe infiltrate their parishes with informants and spies. Maybe tap their phones. Maybe more," he said.

And a bureaucracy might "pretend" that surveillance is because of a fear of "white supremacy."

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