Why Polls may be Overestimating Dems’ Chances in Election

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The Biden administration disasters just won’t quit. From inflation to sky-high gas prices to Afghanistan to abortion-for-all and transgenders-R-us programs and more, Americans have been under fire since he took office.

So it wasn’t surprising when pollsters suggested there would be a GOP wave this November in the midterms, and Republicans would take over the House and Senate.

Then polls said maybe not. And then again maybe.

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What’s up?

There’s an answer coming from Just the News, which interviewed Robert Cahaly, the Trafalgar Group’s chief pollster.

It’s because there’s a segment of Americans who can’t be reached by polling.

“I think there’s a certain segment of the Republican electorate that’s just not getting polled,” he told the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “There’s an important chunk of people that are what I call submerged voters that you cannot get on the phone and you cannot reach them any other way.”

He said his organization watches in every single state, and mainstream polling now is getting closer to the numbers from his group, which show the GOP ahead in many races.

“I mean, when the mainstream polls are getting so close to ours that Nancy Pelosi is disavowing the mainstream polls, you got to start thinking they’re actually getting to the truth,” he told the program.

Polling that doesn’t reach a significant part of the population could then be skewed by a heavier-than-appropriate influence from other sectors.

On another topic, Calahy suggested that Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake might stage a presidential run at some point, because of her connection with the community.

“One thing about Kari Lake is she has the ability to reach across the aisle to get supporters,” Cahaly stated. “It’s not because she has policies that just excite the other side. It’s because people have gotten to know her when she was a local broadcaster.”

The report explained Lake, an avid Trump supporter, had a career in broadcasting for two decades at KSAZ-TV, a television station in Phoenix.


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