'Why is she always drunk?': Kamala's cackle emerges in curious outburst

October 9, 2023
World Net Daily

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Joe Biden is facing a tidal wave of questions about his mental abilities following a years-long series of verbal and mental stumbles, including where he couldn't accurately identify his own grandchildren and he called on a member of Congress who was dead.

He's nearly 81 years old and in some cases, during public appearances, he simply gives up on trying to finish a thought, and then wanders around trying to get off stage.

But it now is his vice president, Kamala Harris, whose behavior is grabbing attention.

It comes as she spoke to a fall meeting of the Democratic National Committee in St. Louis, and she was asked about the nation's stumbling economy, which analysts have predicted could lead to a Great Depression as early as next year. It's already produced inflation as high as 9.1% for Americans.

She insisted the policies of the Biden administration are "POPULAR, POPULAR, POPULAR!"

commentary at BizPacReview, however, raised serious questions.

"Vice President Kamala Harris once again inexplicably burst into hysterical laughter when nothing obvious was funny, giving rise to questions of whether she was high on something," the commentary noted.

"Harris’s latest episode took place during the Democratic National Committee’s fall meeting in St. Louis on Friday when she was asked about the current state of the economy, definitely not a laughing matter for ordinary Americans who have been crushed by sustained inflation since the dynamic due took office."

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